United Security Services does not engage in the practice of telemarketing, robo calling, and or phone solicitations for sales. If you are receiving repeated calls it is not our company calling you. We have been made aware that frequent calls from someone claiming to be United Security Services are being made in many areas of the United States. Unfortunately we are unable to stop this as the calls are from numerous different phone numbers most likely originating oversees where the FCC has no enforcement capabilities. If you are getting calls you can go to the website and enter the phone number on the left hand side of the web page above the big green Search button. You will see that the numbers calling you will show up as “scammers” where they are calling 4 and 5 times a day claiming to be selling home security systems.

We have been notified so far about the following phone numbers calling :

Please feel free to email us to give us any other numbers they are calling from:

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